20+ Best Merry Christmas Messages and Quotes 2019 For Family and Friends

Christmas looks like incomplete without remembering friends and family. Christmas is a spiritual festival cherished with family and friends. But some friends and family cannot take part as they are living across the oceans. So you can remind them of your special feelings by sending Merry Christmas messages and quotes 2019. It is a popular festival celebrated for peace and harmony in the world. On this day people forget all the sorrows and lost in divine spirit of God. They go to church pray for goodness of their life and the world. Families come together and enjoy it by having dinner together. Also they spread their love and care by sending Merry Christmas messages to family and friends. Make this season super special for them by sending them Christmas greetings 2019. They are all new and fresh to count your special feeling into their hearts. Please check the Christmas wishes mentioned down here.

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Christmas Messages 2019

May the light of Christmas illuminate your life

Laughter and joy come after you

May the heart and home be filled with joy and happiness?

Wish you and your family

Merry Christmas 2019


I have not sent you gifts

I have not sent you sweets

I have sent you wishes of the heart

To bless you warmth, good cheer and unending joy

Merry Christmas 2019


May the divine spirit of Christmas

Encourage you to complete all your desire

Happy X’mas 2019


Love, harmony and peace are the ingredients of this festive season.

I pray god you discover them all in Christmas 2019.

Merry Christmas.


May you get unlimited happiness

Joy and lots of love then you ever had

Merry X’mas wishes 2019


May the splendor and warmth of Christmas

Bring you comfort, happiness, joy and peace

Best wishes for Christmas and spectacular New Year

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Merry Christmas Quotes

Here is the list of wonderful Merry Christmas quotes 2019. You can use merry Christmas quotes to share with family and friends to show them you care. You are free to share these greetings to social friends too.

Christmas is the festival of harmony

It brings family together

Helps in sharing the love

Help in admire and respect

Those wonderful people of life


Once again the Christmas bell rings

Once again the season of joy has come

To bring new hopes and aspiration

And lovely things to see

Wish you and family

Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year ahead


May the joys and happiness of Christmas

Last forever in your home throughout year

Wishing you and your family

A merry Christmas and wonderful year ahead


May the lights of candles delight hearts

May the glow of Christmas

Enlighten your heart with love, peace and joy

Wish you and family Merry Christmas


May the beautiful times of Christmas

Fill your life with unlimited happiness

Joy and happy health

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


May this Christmas bring you and your family?

The happiest days you ever had

May you get to spend lovely times with your family

With lots of love wishes you and your family

The merriest Christmas 2019

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May the sparks of Christmas stars

Glam up your life with joy and peace

Unleash immense joy and fun to your life

Have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year 2020


May this Christmas year end with a wonderful times

You experience new joys, new hopes, and new experiences

Merry Christmas and enjoy Holiday times.


I wish 2020 bring you abundance of love

All your desires come true in 2020

From the bottom of heart

Wishes you and your family

A healthiest and happiest

Merry Christmas and New Year


On this sparkling day

May you meet the most love filled days

And spend sweet memories with near one and dear one

Best wishes for Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2020


Don’t let the past ruin happiness of Christmas

Live life to the fullest

May 2019 year end with pleasant notes

Make new and cheerful ways for you

I wish Merry Christmas for a fresh start up


The magic of Christmas come again

To experience the joys of season

To spend warm, cozy and comforting days

With near ones and dear ones


May the joys of Christmas

Erase sorrows from your life

Full your life with good memories

Pass it to everyone you love from heart

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Best Wishes for Merry Christmas and New Year 2020

First of all, I wish all my readers A merry Christmas and the happiest new Year 2020. We all know that New Year brings us new hopes and aspiration. Christmas helps in adding more excitement and happiness in the New Year celebration. Here is the list of Merry Christmas 2019 wishes and Greetings you can share with social friends. They must be willing to seek your attention, prove it by sending warmest Christmas wishes from here. Our aim is to bring closeness in relationship and by the time we have succeeded in this task. So give us another chance to make your bonding strong and firm with family and friends.

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